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Product details   LoadUI Pro
LoadUI Pro With its groundbreaking, easy-to-use visual interface, and enterprise-class features, loadUI – SmartBear's Load Testing tool – is the biggest leap forward in the Load Testing landscape. loadUI's seamless integration of real-time test creation, distribution and integrated analytics gives you everything you need to test and deliver rock-solid Web services and applications.
Vendor: SmartBear Software (former AutomatedQA, Corp.)
Views: 1028   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 13 142.09 USD 
Product details   Scan Redirector RDP Edition
Scan Redirector RDP Edition Scan Redirector RDP Edition is easy to use software, which allows scanning from your locally attached scanner in a remote desktop session. It does not require any complicated setup procedures and works right out of the box. The software consists of two parts: workstation part and server part. All you need is install workstation part on a local computer (where your scanner is attached) and server part on remote computer. After this you are ready to scan.
Views: 893   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 49.00 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector
USB Redirector This software product allows to use shared USB devices remotely on any computer in a LAN, WLAN or Internet, as if they are connected to this PC directly! USB Redirector allows resolving all your tasks occured while using remote USB devices very quickly! USB Redirector can act as both USB server and USB client. Separate FREE USB client is also available. USB Redirector uses a regular TCP/IP connection for communication.
Views: 827   Downloads: 269   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 74.99 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector RDP Edition
USB Redirector RDP Edition USB Redirector RDP Edition allows to redirect USB devices to the remote computer when working via Remote Desktop. It consists of two parts - Server part and Workstation part. So USB devices connected to Workstation become available on remote PC, Virtual Machine or Terminal Server. USB Redirector RDP Edition suits great for Virtual Desktop/VDI solutions where you need to redirect USB devices into remote Virtual Machine.
Views: 769   Downloads: 262   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 89.99 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector TS Edition
USB Redirector TS Edition USB Redirector TS Edition allows redirecting USB devices to Terminal Server with multiple users. The unique technology of USB device isolation in RDP session allows to use USB devices inside your RDP session only! They will not be available to other users!
Views: 737   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 134.99 USD 
Product details   NetSupport Manager
NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager - Multi-Platform Remote Control software.

Over 23 years' development and 12,000,000+ PC install base = Industry recognised, the most stable, feature rich and secure Remote Control solution available.

Vendor: NetSupport
Views: 640   Rating: less than 3 votes
Product details   CCProxy
CCProxy CCProxy is easy-to-use and powerful proxy server software. CCProxy can support broadband, DSL, dial-up, optical fiber, satellite, ISDN and DDN connections, it helps you build your own proxy server and share Internet connection within the LAN efficiently and easily.
Vendor: Youngzsoft
Views: 542   Downloads: 21   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 70.00 USD 
Product details   NetSupport Notify
NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is a specially developed solution allowing instant and reliable delivery of notifications and alerts to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops from a Windows PC or Apple iOS device.

Vendor: NetSupport
Views: 440   Rating: less than 3 votes
Product details   Hardware Inspector Client/Server
Hardware Inspector Client/Server

Hardware Inspector is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in businesses. Inventory is extremely necessary to the IT department managers, network administrators, and to other qualified personnel.

Vendor: Database Harbor Software
Views: 2400   Downloads: 523   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 30.00 USD 
Product details   Web Research 3.x
Web Research 3.x

Web Research Professional is a powerful software to leverage your Internet research. It lets you easily capture relevant material from the Web while doing research. Powerful features help you structure and evaluate the collected material. Web Research Professional is capable to handle comprehensive knowledge bases and is prepared for network usage.

Vendor: macropool GmbH
Views: 2186   Downloads: 480   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.73 USD 
Product details   OnLAN Messenger
OnLAN Messenger The OnLAN Messenger service's name comes from 'local area network [LAN] message exchange.' It underlines that OnLAN secure instant messenger is corporate-oriented (enterprise) and corresponds with the needs of companies (and sister companies) for a convenient, controllable, safe, and secure messaging software.
Vendor: CorpSoft
Views: 1963   Downloads: 1144   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 300.00 USD 
Product details   Actual Window Guard
Actual Window Guard

Actual Window Guard is simple solution for optimizing your workspace. Use it to always keep all windows on the desktop in the order you like.

It can automatically:

  • set windows' position and size
  • minimize and maximize windows on startup
  • align them
  • close irrelevant popups
  • keep windows on top and prevent them from accidental closing.

The tool runs on all Windows platforms, works with x64 applications and manages console windows as well.

Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1898   Downloads: 74   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 29.95 USD 
Product details   SurgeMail 5.3
SurgeMail 5.3

SurgeMail is one of the fastest, most robust and fully-featured secure email server available on the market today supporting all the protocols IMAP/POP3/SMTP and relevant standards. Over 10,000 email servers installed, serving millions of email accounts world wide.

Vendor: NetWin Ltd
Views: 1710   Downloads: 54   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 200.00 USD 
Product details   Actual Title Buttons
Actual Title Buttons Windows concept is quite usable when it comes to minimizing, maximizing and restoring a window. However, there are still possibilities to unleash. Actual Title Buttons is the unique window management tool which offers extended window manipulation capabilities by adding new buttons to a window caption.
Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1678   Downloads: 69   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.95 USD 
Product details   Actual Transparent Window
Actual Transparent Window

Actual Transparent Window is an innovative Windows desktop enhancement which allows setting any level of transparency for any particular window in the system.

Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1632   Downloads: 71   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.95 USD 
Product details   Actual Window Rollup
Actual Window Rollup

Sometimes you need to quickly remove your active window to see the information which underlies it but you don't want to close it. So you have to minimize and then restore it but this requires redundant and ineffective mouse manipulations because you need, at first, move the mouse pointer to the Minimize button, then, secondly, move the mouse pointer down to window's taskbar button. These chores can be made much more easier, quicker and more fun with Actual Window Rollup!

Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1447   Downloads: 70   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.95 USD 
Product details   Internet Download Manager
Internet Download Manager Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability will restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.
Vendor: Internetdownloadmanager
Views: 1382   Downloads: 72   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 29.95 USD 
Product details   ExpressFolders

ExpressFolders is a tool to quickly access and open your folders on disk and on the network.

Vendor: macropool GmbH
Views: 1315   Downloads: 75   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 8.32 USD 
Product details   Actual Window Minimizer
Actual Window Minimizer Since Windows operating system doesn't provide the default ability to minimize any window to the system tray, Actual Window Minimizer was developed for this single purpose but being developed for years now it performs this single function flawlessly.
Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1258   Downloads: 58   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.95 USD 
Product details   SecureCRT 7.2
SecureCRT 7.2 SecureCRT is a terminal emulator for secure access to network devices and business applications on UNIX, Linux, or VMS systems. Built on IETF standard protocols, SecureCRT supports SSH2, SSH1, Telnet, Telnet/SSL, Serial, and other protocols. SecureCRT has file transfer capability and saves time by eliminating many repetitive manual tasks.
Vendor: VanDyke Software
Views: 1157   Downloads: 227   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 99.00 USD 
Product details   Actual Window Menu
Actual Window Menu Actual Tools introduces Actual Window Menu, the unique standard window menu extension that provides advanced users with alternative ways of organizing and managing windows.
Vendor: Actual Tools
Views: 1146   Downloads: 68   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 19.95 USD 

Titles 1 - 21 of 127
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