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Product details   Scan Redirector RDP Edition
Scan Redirector RDP Edition Scan Redirector RDP Edition is easy to use software, which allows scanning from your locally attached scanner in a remote desktop session. It does not require any complicated setup procedures and works right out of the box. The software consists of two parts: workstation part and server part. All you need is install workstation part on a local computer (where your scanner is attached) and server part on remote computer. After this you are ready to scan.
Views: 892   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 49.00 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector
USB Redirector This software product allows to use shared USB devices remotely on any computer in a LAN, WLAN or Internet, as if they are connected to this PC directly! USB Redirector allows resolving all your tasks occured while using remote USB devices very quickly! USB Redirector can act as both USB server and USB client. Separate FREE USB client is also available. USB Redirector uses a regular TCP/IP connection for communication.
Views: 827   Downloads: 269   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 74.99 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector RDP Edition
USB Redirector RDP Edition USB Redirector RDP Edition allows to redirect USB devices to the remote computer when working via Remote Desktop. It consists of two parts - Server part and Workstation part. So USB devices connected to Workstation become available on remote PC, Virtual Machine or Terminal Server. USB Redirector RDP Edition suits great for Virtual Desktop/VDI solutions where you need to redirect USB devices into remote Virtual Machine.
Views: 768   Downloads: 262   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 89.99 USD 
Product details   USB Redirector TS Edition
USB Redirector TS Edition USB Redirector TS Edition allows redirecting USB devices to Terminal Server with multiple users. The unique technology of USB device isolation in RDP session allows to use USB devices inside your RDP session only! They will not be available to other users!
Views: 736   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 134.99 USD 
Product details   NetSupport Manager
NetSupport Manager

NetSupport Manager - Multi-Platform Remote Control software.

Over 23 years' development and 12,000,000+ PC install base = Industry recognised, the most stable, feature rich and secure Remote Control solution available.

Vendor: NetSupport
Views: 640   Rating: less than 3 votes
Product details   NetSupport Notify
NetSupport Notify

NetSupport Notify is a specially developed solution allowing instant and reliable delivery of notifications and alerts to Windows, Mac and Linux desktops from a Windows PC or Apple iOS device.

Vendor: NetSupport
Views: 439   Rating: less than 3 votes
Product details   Hardware Inspector Client/Server
Hardware Inspector Client/Server

Hardware Inspector is designed for automating the stocking and inventory of computer hardware and other equipment in businesses. Inventory is extremely necessary to the IT department managers, network administrators, and to other qualified personnel.

Vendor: Database Harbor Software
Views: 2398   Downloads: 523   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 30.00 USD 
Product details   Servers Alive
Servers Alive Servers Alive is an end-to-end network monitoring tool running on Windows 2003/2008/XP/Vista/7. It works agentless and across operating systems. Its checks and alerts are on the cutting edge of technology.
Vendor: Woodstone
Views: 1049   Downloads: 26   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 299.00 USD 
Product details   USB for Remote Desktop
USB for Remote Desktop

Access your local USB devices while working in remote Windows session.

Moreover, this functionality can be easily integrated into your software.
Vendor: FabulaTech LLP
Views: 844   Downloads: 31   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 199.00 USD 
Product details   ZOC

The ZOC telnet client, secure shell client and terminal emulator lets you to easily connect to hosts and mainframes via telnet, secure shell (SSH/SSH2) modem, serial cable or isdn.

ZOC's well designed user interface, its impressive list of emulations, logging and automation features allow you to manage your connections faster and more efficiently.

Vendor: EmTec Innovative Software
Views: 810   Downloads: 5   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 79.00 USD 
Product details   Serial Port Redirector
Serial Port Redirector

Make serial data available on a TCP/IP network.

Serial Port Redirector creates virtual serial ports and makes serial data from serial ports available on a TCP/IP network.

Vendor: FabulaTech LLP
Views: 795   Downloads: 155   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 99.00 USD 
Product details   PureSight for WinGate 3
PureSight for WinGate 3 PureSight 3.0 for WinGate is a web content classification plugin for WinGate. It allows administrators to set access policy based on the type of a site, rather than having to set policy on a site-by-site basis.
Vendor: Qbik New Zealand Limited
Views: 763   Downloads: 409   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 70.00 USD 
Product details   Virtual Serial Port Control
Virtual Serial Port Control Virtual Serial Port Control is an ActiveX control which makes it possible to create virtual serial ports and control them fully. At the same time virtual ports look like as if they were real hardware serial ports for communications applications.
Vendor: FabulaTech LLP
Views: 616   Downloads: 12   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 1 999.00 USD 
Product details   USB Monitor Pro
USB Monitor Pro

USB protocol capturing, decoding, displaying, filtering, errors detecting and much more what cannot be done by others.

USB Monitor Pro is an effective and simple in use analyzer of USB traffic for Windows. It allows to monitor incoming and outgoing data of a USB device plugged into the computer. It's an indispensable tool for a developer of firmware and drivers for USB devices, expanding developer's arsenal.

Vendor: FabulaTech LLP
Views: 611   Downloads: 29   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 199.00 USD 
Product details   Serial Port Control
Serial Port Control Serial Port Control is easy to use control intended for simplification serial port communication tasks in your projects.

Serial Port Control allows you to overcome the complexity of the Win32 Serial Communications API. It takes a few seconds to setup and you will get full control over your serial ports with just a few lines of code.

Vendor: FabulaTech LLP
Views: 486   Downloads: 24   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 699.00 USD 
Product details   NetSupport Assist
NetSupport Assist NetSupport Assist is a focused classroom management software solution that ensures teachers have the tools they need to monitor, engage and collaborate with their students. For Mac® or Linux classrooms − and compatible with NetSupport School, the market-leading solution for Windows − NetSupport Assist provides a complete solution for mixed platform environments.
Vendor: NetSupport
Views: 307   Rating: less than 3 votes
Product details   Total Network Inventory
Total Network Inventory

Introducing Total Network Inventory 2, PC audit and software inventory solution.
Network scanning: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux-based computers can be scanned without preinstalled agents. Scan single nodes, network address ranges or Active Directory structure.
Inventory: each computer takes several dozen of kilobytes in the centralized storage of TNI 2. Total Network Inventory 2 will show your network in all its beauty!

Vendor: Softinventive Lab
Views: 304   Downloads: 1   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 140.00 USD 
Product details   WhatsUp Gold
WhatsUp Gold The most intuitive, comprehensive, and cost-effective network management toolset available today.

WhatsUp Gold is a powerful monitoring & management solution, designed to easily manage networks of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It's tried, tested, and proven on networks just like yours – thousands of them.
Vendor: Ipswitch, Inc.
Views: 2411   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 1 595.00 USD 
Product details   Traffic Inspector
Traffic Inspector

An integrated gateway solution for controlling access to the Internet and for providing data transmission services. The product contains: a proxy server that provides caching and blocks unwanted resources; a simple and secure firewall to protect against network attacks; a billing system; accounting for all types of traffic (through the proxy server, the mail gateway, and NAT); a system for the dynamic control of speed and sessions and many more!

Vendor: Smart-Soft Ltd.
Views: 2401   Downloads: 1099   Rating: 4.34 (3)  Vote!
Price: from 194.00 USD 
Product details   Hardware Inspector
Hardware Inspector Hardware Inspector is an indispensable IT asset management tool. The software has an extensive list of features most helpful for network administrators, IT department managers and other specialists. Planning, inventory, audit, asset transfer, retirement, reports, histories — do not cover all features available with Hardware Inspector.
Vendor: Database Harbor Software
Views: 2384   Downloads: 949   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 21.52 USD 
Product details   RecordTS
RecordTS RecordTS records remote desktop session activity when users connect to a server, a workstation, a Terminal Server, or a Citrix Server. All activity is recorded including keystrokes, mouse movements, file downloads, etc. - nothing is left out or missed. Recordings can be automatically stored to a central storage area and databased to provide for quicker searches and report generation. Central management available via a web console.
Vendor: CNS Software
Views: 1589   Rating: less than 3 votes
Price: from 695.00 USD 

Titles 1 - 21 of 39
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