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SoftK offers its users the possibility to purchase software or software licenses.

Methods of distribution

SoftK offers only electronic delivery.

This purchase method consist in the user ordering either a license code to convert a trial software version into a full version, or a download URL plus access code in order to download the full version of the software program in question. SoftK and/or the software producer will send the corresponding information to the user's e-mail address specified during the ordering process. In case the trial version of a software program was needed, it can be downloaded directly from SoftK's own servers.

Methods of payment

SoftK offers its users the following method of payment for the ordered software programs or software licenses:

Credit card

We accept Visa/MasterCard(EuroCard)/Maestro

In order to guarantee a secure data transfer and a safe transaction, SoftK relies on a data transfer system with SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer).

  • PayPal payments for orders are currently only accepted in USD and EUR
  • If you choose PayPal as your payment type, you will be automatically redirected to PayPal's Web site. Log on as usual, or set up an account and enter all required information to pay for your order.
  • During the payment process, all information will be exchanged in encrypted format exclusively between you as the account holder and PayPal's Web site.

Please remember: You are responsible for any and all transaction fees charged by the banks performing the transaction. Be sure to ask your bank what their fee is for performing the transfer and include it in the amount transferred.

Payment by wire transfer

If you want to pay by means of wire transfer, please, send us request to the e-mail address: and we will send you payment details for your order to your e-mail address.

  • Webmoney payments for orders are currently only accepted in USD
  • If you choose Webmoney as your payment type, you will be automatically redirected to your Webmoney Keeper. Log on as usual and enter all required information to pay for your order.

Please remember: For each transaction you will be charged a 0.8% fee of no less than 0.01WM

Delivery time.

Delivery time specified on the Website for each product. Please note delivery period will start as soon as your payment arrives.

When you pay by credit card, your order will be processed immediately.

If you pay by PayPal, product delivery will be initiated immediately.


Prices for products, services and subscriptions offered on SoftK are indicated next to the corresponding product, service or subscription. Every effort is made to ensure that prices shown on SoftK are correct.

If you have any questions regarding any product prices presented on our Website, please send an email to


By default all prices on SoftK are expressed in US Dollars ($) and do not include VAT (Value Added Tax) where applicable (see "Taxes" below).

  • Customers Who Reside in the European Union
    You must pay VAT (at the current applicable rate of the Cyprus) on all products delivered or registered into any European Union country (including the Cyprus).
  • Customers Who Do Not Reside in the European Union
    Orders delivered to countries outside the European Union do not have to pay VAT.
    The tax treatment is correct at January 2010 and is subject to modifications as and when tax legislation and rates change.
Rights of use

On complete payment of the amount invoiced, the user shall be granted a permanent ordinary right of use of the software program or software license purchased. The range of this ordinary right of use is specified in the purchase description or during the ordering process.

With the exception of a backup copy, the user may neither temporarily nor permanently copy parts of or the entire purchased software program by any means and in any form.


The user will check the delivered software program or software license for defects immediately after delivery. In order to preserve the warranty rights, the user shall have to report obvious defects in written form to SoftK within 14 days after receiving the product.

In advance, SoftK will assign the warranty claim towards the software producer to the user. In accepting the terms and conditions at hand, the user will accept this assignment. Should the program possess any kind of defect, the user will address the producer, thus exercising the warranty claim assigned to the user. If the producer refuses any warranty claims, the user may exercise a right of rectification with regards to SoftK. SoftK may also provide a replacement by delivering the software program or software license in question anew. Should rectification or replacement fail, the user may demand for SoftK to reduce the license fee or to cancel the contract.

SoftK does not vouch for any characteristics of the program, above all in terms of usability and compatibility with other programs or operating systems. Nobody but the user shall be responsible for choosing the software.

Furthermore, it is always the producer who is responsible for the technical support of the purchased computer program, never SoftK.

Claims and damages

Any user claims for damages caused by installing and using the purchased software program shall be excluded. SoftK shall not be liable for any data loss, lost profits and any other financial loss experienced by the user partially or fully due to the use of the purchased software programs or software licenses.

Refund policy

Here you can find SoftK’s Refund and Return policies.

User information and privacy

SoftK does not collect personally identifiable information from your computer when you browse and request pages from our servers. This means that, unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with personally identifiable information, we will not know your name, your e-mail address, or any other personally identifiable information.

In connection with other activities, such as utilizing online software applications or purchasing or downloading any of the products and services available on the Website, SoftK may ask you to voluntarily supply us with certain information about yourself by filling out and submitting an online form. It is completely optional for you to engage in these activities and/or make any purchases. If you elect to engage in these activities or make purchases, however, SoftK may ask that you provide us personal information, defined as any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains, including but not limited to your first and last name, mailing address (including ZIP code), e-mail address, employer, and other personal information. This information is requested in conjunction with the purchase and registration of our Products or services.

SoftK will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information or a list of our customers to third parties. SoftK reserves the right to send promotional material and offers for related products to the email address provided at the time of purchase.

In completing and sending the ordering form, the customer agrees to the data being processed automatically. This serves the purpose of sending the requested products to the user. If you have any further questions regarding SoftK's Privacy Policy, please send an email to or read our complete Privacy Policy.

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