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Hyena v8.6 – the new capabilities to manage any Windows installation

02/09/2011 / SystemTools Software Inc.

SystemTools Software is pleased to present the new version of Hyena, the program for the total system administration.

New features in Hyena v8.6:

Improved 'Manage Directory Attributes' Capability

Hyena can now modify Active Directory attributes using multiple values from existing directory attributes. Instead of using complex scripts to perform this action, now full or partial values from one or more attributes can be used to update Active Directory.

Enhanced Active Directory User Group Membership View

Active Directory user group memberships now can be viewed more easily, including the capability to view user group membership for multiple users. By using the powerful sorting and exporting capabilities in Hyena, this information can now be quickly and easily managed or reported through Microsoft Excel.

Re-Enabling RAS (Dialin Tab) for Windows 7

Due to changes made by Microsoft in Windows 7, current release versions of Hyena will forceably disable the RAS (Dialin) properties when viewing the User Properties. This was done to prevent errors when attempting to view or save any dialin settings, since these errors were creating a large number of support incidents. These errors were the result of Microsoft changing Windows 7 system components that essentially disabled the RAS functionality. When used on Windows 7, Microsoft's own Active Directory Users and Computers snapin will also not display any RAS/Dialin settings.

Microsoft may have either addressed these issues, or this may only be a continuing issue when a Windows 7 client is used to manage a pre-Windows 2008 domain. To allow the possibility that some configurations can still be used to manage user dialin settings, the user properties Dialin tab can be re-enabled on a Windows 7 client by setting to true the Advanced setting ForceWindows7RAS. Note that you must still also turn on the option to show user RAS (dialup) information on the Tools->Settings->User dialog. This setting also has no effect on the Shell Properties for a user as these dialogs are still controlled by Microsoft.

If changing this setting, Hyena must be restarted. When enabled, the Hyena user properties dialog will have a Dialin tab. If an error is encountered when trying to view or save the Dialin settings, then the client does not have the right Microsoft support libraries to manage RAS settings. Turning this advanced setting back off will prevent the errors.

Hiding Junction Points

Microsoft uses file system Junction Points (called "Reparse Points") to provide backward compatibility for some Windows folders. These folders are usually pointers to another location and are therefore usually, but not always, inaccessible. Attempts to access the contents will result in 'Access Denied' errors. Hyena will now display these junction points with an alternate icon image, with a shortcut arrow, next to the folder, similar to what is done now in Windows Explorer when run on Windows 2008 or Windows 7. Normally, these directories are hidden by default in Windows Explorer, but they can be displayed by using the View menu options.

Hyena will by default display all system files and folders, including junction points. To turn on or off the option to view these special system pointers on directory displays, use the HideFileReparsePoints setting.

Vendor:   SystemTools Software Inc.
Product:   SystemTools Hyena v10

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