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New Version of Zend Server enables rapid application delivery and auto-scaling of Enterprise PHP Apps in the Cloud

21/09/2011 / Zend Technologies

Zend Technologies announced the general availability of the new version of Zend Server, the world’s leading PHP Web application server used by GE, NYSE Euronext, Orange, eBay, and other leading brands to run their business-critical PHP applications on-premise and in the cloud. The new version, Zend Server 5.5, extends Zend Server’s application lifecycle support by adding key application deployment and IT automation features that help bridge the gap between development and operations teams and support rapid application delivery and auto-scaling of enterprise PHP applications.

Rapid Application Delivery with New Application Deployment Capabilities
Zend Server 5.5 addresses key challenges faced by IT operations teams using conventional deployment processes, which tend to be manual in nature, and thus error-prone and time-consuming. Development teams typically hand off ‘blueprints’ rather than fully packaged, ready-to-run applications, leading to guesswork and the potential for delayed releases on the operations side. Development and operations teams may lack visibility into bottlenecks or errors occurring in one another’s environments. When errors occur, an inability to easily rollback changes can lead to failed launches, with downtime delays and SLA non-compliance problems that can cost a company thousands or even millions of dollars not to mention brand loyal customers.

Zend Server 5.5 offers a better deployment approach, with:

  • Application packages that streamline the hand-off from development to operations teams, with predefined settings and parameters, saving time and eliminating unnecessary errors
  • The ability to rapidly roll back and recover from code or deployment errors or outages so that servers and applications can be restored to their last-known working state
  • Proactive monitoring and real-time alerts that notify operations teams about application status and deployment issues so they can better resolve the issues before end users are impacted

Auto-scaling of Business-critical PHP Apps through Increased Automation
The growing importance of web and ecommerce workloads, along with the proliferation of end user devices, is driving unpredictability of web site traffic and workload, leading to a need for more automated real- time scalability of applications. Zend Server 5.5 provides:

  • A holistic approach that supports auto-scaling of applications and infrastructure, in clustered environments, to meet rapid and unpredictable changes in demand
    • Web APIs for automated provisioning, configuring and deployment of applications
    • Web APIs for auto-scaling of highly available clusters
  • Automated provisioning of a standardized PHP stack to leverage technology while promoting consistency and productive collaboration across development, testing, staging and production environments
  • Enablement of Continuous Integration (CI) processes supports agile deployment

Vendor:   Zend Technologies
Product:   Zend Server 6.1

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