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O&O DiskImage 6: File backup increases data security

05/10/2011 / O&O Software GmbH

O&O Software GmbH released the new version of O&O DiskImage.

The data backup program O&O DiskImage 6 is released with numerous innovations. Through the continuous imaging of data with O&O DiskImage, users can avoid the risk of a costly data loss. In the case of a defective operating system or data loss, the data is quickly available again, and the downtime of the machine is kept to a minimum.

O&O DiskImage 6 not only backs up data but the entire computer. By restoring an image, the usual work environment is quickly brought back to life, regardless of whether it happens on the computer on which the image was created or on another computer. Due to popular request from our customers, the previous drive backup (image) function is now supported by a file backup (backup) feature.

O&O DiskImage 6 will also be available soon in the server and workstation editions. As with previous versions, these editions can be centrally managed over the O&O Enterprise Management Console.

New and revised features:

  • File Backup: For file backups that include only individual files and folders, commercially available compression programs such as WinZip can be used to restore the images, independent from O&O DiskImage.
  • Monitoring and warning of security risks: Automatic monitoring and feedback to the user when images have not been carried out for some time.
  • Integrating data from ISO-files: Standard ISO files (ISO 9660) can now be mounted as virtual disks in addition to data image files.
  • Clear navigation: The new Information Bar leads the user through the selected tasks and explains the next steps. Before starting a backup, all selected options are displayed. Other options, such as shutting down the computer after a backup, can be selected during the actual process.
  • One-Click Imaging: The entire computer can be imaged with just one click. The one-click imaging is especially useful when using O&O DiskImage for the first time or where no image has ever been created.
  • Restoring to different hardware (MIR): With the help of the integrated function "MIR" (machine independent restoration), it is now possible to restore a backup of an operating system without considering the underlying hardware, or to make a no longer bootable operating system start-capable again. After restoring the image, adjustments to adapt to the new hardware can be made and the system will be bootable again.
  • Various imaging methods: For a complete image, users can choose between an image of used sectors and an all-inclusive forensic image for purposes of data recovery. An incremental or differential image will only backup those data areas that have changed since the last image operation, thus saving space.
  • Restore individual files: Image files from O&O DiskImage (OMG) can be mounted as virtual hard disks. Individual files are copied, for example, using Windows Explorer and can then be restored.
  • Virtual Hard Disks (VHD): With O&O DiskImage, users can convert virtual hard disks from Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) into O&O DiskImage files, and vice versa. A virtual disk can be restored directly.
  • Visualization of data: The graphical representation of the hard disks and drives – similar to the disk management in Microsoft Windows - allows for an intuitive selection of the volumes that are to be backed up or restored. Both free and used memory and the size of each partition are displayed, which makes managing the data easier.

Vendor:   O&O Software GmbH

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